POD Tent Mini Elite


POD Tent Mini Elite

POD is the revolutionary new concept in social camping offering a refreshing new approach to outside living. The system is designed to be completely modular so simply buy what you want when you want.

This POD Tent Mini is 3.8 x 3.6 ( 12.46 x 11.82 ft ) Mts in diameter and 2.2 mtrs ( 7.21 ft ) to the top and will sleep 4 people , The POD Mini comes complete with both an external rain fly and internal sleeping cell.

Forget complicated colour coded or numbered poles the POD Mini has 6 light weight Aluminium  poles that are all the same size and shape  and connect into a central attachment making it easy to erect for any camping novice in fact 2 people can easily erect this tent within 15 – 20 minutes.

The POD Mini can be used as a tent in its own right or it can be interconnect to another POD Mini Elite or a POD MAXI Elite using the interconnecting tunnel ( purchased separately ). This way the POD MINI Elite becomes an external bedroom on the POD Maxi Elite leaving the whole of the POD Maxi Elite to be used as a central social space.

A Pod Mini can only connect off of one doorway the second is a permanent porch that cannot be connected off of so you can only directly connect 1 mini to another mini , if you need more connections then you will need the Maxi that can be connected off of 3 doorways

This is the perfect product if you are camping as a large group , each with your own PODs all interconnected. Just imagine the fun you and the kids will have and the safety of knowing that your children are only a tunnel away while you socialise in the central POD.


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