Survival Tips & Festival Goer Advice

Survival Tips And Festival goer Advice For 1st Time Festival Virgins

Whether you completely messed up with your festival planning last year and need to make some drastic improvements to how you’ festival’ or you’ll be enjoying your 1st time @ a festival, we’ve got you covered! 

In this article, you’ll find out what festival essentials you need to take with you, tips on how to stay clean at festivals, how to stay safe at festivals and we’ll also fill you in on some festival hacks and give you some sound festival advice for all you festival virgins out there! 

Festival Essentials

We took it upon ourselves to find the most essential festival items that festival-goers should never forget to pack.

The Most Important Essential Items Festival Virgins Need

There are essential items then there are essential items as we say, it’s not just yourself that you need to take to the festival, there are certain things you need to remember before you can even get into the festival. Forgetting these 1 million percent essential items could mean you miss your festival so add these to the top of your checklist and then double-check again before you head off! Guard them with your life! 

Festival Tickets

Can you imagine if you forgot your festival tickets! Oh my! It can’t be a good feeling that’s for sure. 

Camping Tickets

Often these tickets are separate to your actual festival tickets. Hence, if you’re planning on staying, remember to keep your camping booking reservations for your festival experience in a safe place that you’ll remember, keep the confirmation of booking on your phone just in case!  


If you are lucky enough to look younger than you actually are then you will need your ID. Alcohol sellers at festivals will most certainly ask you to prove how old you are, so don’t forget to take something valid with you. 


It’s always a good idea to have some money on you, keep your cards in a safe place at home if you’re worried you may be more focussed on enjoying yourself than looking after your things then keeping cash on you as well as a card is a good idea. Please keep it in a bumbag, in your bra or in a place that’s not easily accessible when your dancing and falling around in large crowds.

Mobile Phone & Power Bank

Always keep your phone charged and take a cheap spare that you can buy between you and your friends or take an old phone to keep in your tent in case of emergencies. A charging bank is also a good idea to ensure your phone stays charged as there may not be anywhere you can charge it up during your festival getaway! 


Essentials To Keep First-Timers Clean At Festivals

If it’s your first time going to a festival or the last time you went to a festival you realised the struggle to stay clean, especially when you’re in a muddy, sweaty mess, then you need to take these three essentials! 


Mammoth Wipes

XXL full body wash wipes that are antibacterial and leave you feeling refreshed and clean. Mammoths large towel sized wipes will ensure you stay fresh while not having to wait in a line of other people to use the shower or other washing facilities. 


Hand Sanitiser

Keep hand sanitiser in your pocket, bumbag or in your tent to ensure you keep your hand clean. Festivals get messy, drinks go everywhere, and the worst thing you could have when you’re trying to enjoy yourself is sticky-icky dirty hands! 


Travel Toothbrush Kit

Travel toothbrushes come with toothbrush cases which is essential if you want to keep your teeth clean and keep your toothbrush clean too! Muddy teeth aren’t a good look! 


Staying Safe At Festivals

Staying safe at festivals, especially if you’re planning on drinking and it’s you’re first time going can be a daunting thought so we have compiled a list of the best things you and your friends can do to make your first festival experience a safe one. Let’s take a look: 


Get To Know Your Surroundings

When you arrive at the festival, before all the action starts, go and take a look around the place, find out where everything is, choose a place to meet up if you ever lose each other and find out where your tents are located and where the first aid area is located in case of emergencies. Take photos on your phone to make it easy for you to see if you forget where to go.  


Avoid Getting Sun-burnt 

There’s no harm in wanting to top up your tan at the festival but its a good idea to slap on some sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm and pop on a hat of some sort to protect yourself if you’re bikini-clad or going shirtless in the day, carry a T-shirt with you so you can cover your shoulders if you realise you can’t really take the heat! 


Stay Hydrated

Find out from the get-go where you can get drinking water from, make your your tent is fully stocked with water, so you don’t have to worry about getting back to sleep but having no drink for bed! Drinking water between alcoholic beverages is also a good idea, you wouldn’t want to be asleep during your favorite artists set just because you couldn’t handle the shandy! 


The Best Festival Survival Hacks For Festival First-Timers

  • Don’t pack for a fashion show
  • Get a music playlist sorted, so you have music even when you’re in your tent or when there are no acts playing 
  • Don’t over pack – you’ll be annoyed when you have to get ALL that stuff to your tent and then back again (over fields of green and brown) 
  • Don’t forget your Mammoth Wipes – you’ll thank us for the reminder, and they’ll be your best friend at the festival! 
  • If you are setting up your own tent, camp on higher ground to avoid getting flooded and don’t pitch up near the toilets. 

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