Stay clean & fresh at festivals

The Best Way To Stay Clean and Fresh At Festivals in 2020

Staying fresh and well scented is always at the back of our minds when heading off to festivals. If you’re a festival goer like me, then you’ll understand my pain. Needing to wash and clean ourselves up is a must, no one likes a Mr Smelly, but it can be tough at festivals to avoid being that stand out guy who honks, especially if you sweat a lot when partying.

The facilities for washing and freshening up at festivals are never the best. They are often overcrowded and filthy. I once waited two whole hours in a line waiting to freshen up and wound up missing an act I had been looking forward to seeing and coming out dirtier than when I went in. What a travesty!

Is there a better solution to staying fresh at festivals?

Enter the Mammoth Wipe! Jeeze these wipes are life-changing!

What is a Mammoth Wipe?

Mammoth wipes are essentially a complete head to toe clean up in a packet! No, but seriously. After standing around waiting to wash your pits and muddy ankles for two hours, you’ll be talking to those wipes telling them how much you appreciate their existence.

The wipes are actual towel size, they can wash your entire body without using any water, and they smell fantastic.

Are Mammoth Wipes Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, and they provide you with a totally guilt-free way to clean yourself up! If you get any environmentally conscious souls asking if the wipes are good for the environment, DO NOT FEAR! Mammoth Wipes already knew that might happen and so they were made to be eco-friendly, fully biodegradable and they were even manufactured using sustainable bamboo.

Not only that but one Mammoth Wipe is big enough to wash your entire body without the use of any water meaning you save on water too!

Are mammoth wipes safe to use?

If you have sensitive skin which many of us do, these wipes are great. They are free of parabens; they contain no palm oil and contain no plastic. They are probably the safest wipes to use on skin for a full-body clean.

What Can Mammoth Wipes Clean?

● Mud
● Sweat
● Food Stains
● Body Paints
● Glitter & GemStone Glue
● Alcohol

And more. You can party hard, throw yourself into those mud puddles and pour your pint over your head. All with the safe knowledge that your Mammoth Wipes have got your back and they’ll clean you up after your done letting it all go!

If you get filthy at festivals or are worried about using the shared facilities and want to spend more time partying than queuing, then you should already have some mammoth wipes in your shopping cart ready to check out! They’ll save you from your stinking self, trust us! #gomammoth

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