Festival Security & Scams

Festival Security & Scams

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We thought we would just share a common  scam/theft that has been happening at just about every festival around the country for many years so you don’t become a victim this year.

On the first night of your festival when you are still very excited and have probably consumed to much alcohol and maybe some other treats you have taken along you will no doubt hit your tent without a care in the world full of the festival spirit. You will get undressed and stuff you wallet / purse / phone into your boots by your tent door or maybe leave them in the jeans / clothes you have thrown off in your worse for ware state.

While you sleep blissfully unaware someone will unzip your tent feel around for your boots / jeans and remove you of all your money and phone , remember because this is your first night you will have ALL your cash on you. Should you wake to find someone unzipping your tent they will shine a torch in your eyes ( so you cant see their face ) and claim to be looking for Bob/Fred/Harry or who ever and say “sorry wrong tent”. You won’t think anything of this until you wake up in the morning and find your stuff gone.

These are organised gangs who have perfected this over many years so please do not fall victim to them , This only generally happens on the first night as this is the night you have all your money on you.

All you have to do to stop this is either A – keep everything on you or B – stuff your valuables into the bottom of your sleeping bag / under your head , Please Please do not make the mistake of leaving them in your boots or in the porch of your tent.

Please pass on this tip to as many festival goers as possible so we can stop these %&(*@ from ruining any ones else’s festival experience and always keep an eye out for your neighbours and hope they will do the same for you !


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