How do i find my tent ??

How do i find my tent ??

Its a question as old as the dawn of time , How in a sea of blue and green tents do i find mine ? You start off by thinking it will be easy as you set your tent up quickly after you arrive but by the time you’ve gone to the bar or toilet and back there are suddenly no spaces and that big gap next to your tent has now been obstructed by a huge bell tent or 25 pop up tents ! and suddenly you realize that trying to find it isn’t going to be as easy as you thought..

Fear not we’ve got some helpful advice and products that might just make it a little but easier for you .. Firstly how about a great big flag pole with a flag on the end that you can spot for miles … Well we can certainly help with that and you will need 3 products which will cost you £22.97 for the lot.

  1. A pole stake to push into the ground ( £3.99)
  2. A Flag pole & Bungees ( £12.99)
  3. A Flag ( £5.99)


The other option is dress up your tent and general camping area and a good way to do this is with bunting , It may also help to prevent people wandering around the back of your tent for a pee ( although no guarantees on this )

Bunting comes in at £5.99 for a 30 ft length so it won’t break the bank either

Festival-Bunting-pink-party  Festival-Bunting-I-Love-my-VW  Festival-Bunting-Pirate-Skull

For more helpful tips and advice why not visit our tips page which will help point you in the right direction of essentials and camping advice.




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