Mammoth Wipes Now In Stock!

Mammoth Wipes Now In Stock!

We are delighted to announce that we now have stock available of the brilliant Mammoth Wipes. The new XXL towel sized wipe. These wipes are the perfect wipe for the festival goer who wants to stay fresh and clean over the duration of the festival! We have got the single pack available for £4.99, we then have a 5 pack option available for £21.99 saving you just under £3. We have a 10 pack option available for £39.99 saving you just under £10.

Here is what the Mammoth Wipes team have had to say about the design and technology behind the wipes. ” Mammoth Wipes are pleased to announce that after 6 months of design and development the all new Mammoth wipes are now in stock and available for purchase.

Critical in the design of the product was to design a product better than anything out there in the market today and with the increased focus on the world we live in we wanted to focus on the environmental impact that wipes have on the world. After extensive research it was decided that Bamboo would be the perfect material to manufacture the wipes from , being both sustainable and biodegradable.

Once we had nailed raw materials we set about finding a manufacturer who could produce the largest wipe in the market place at 1.20 x 0.8 mtrs in size as we wanted the wipe to be suitable for a full body clean in just one wipe. We managed to locate a company based in the UK who saw our vision and who we could partner to make the wipe in the sizes we needed.

Now we had the raw material and the ability to produce it solved we moved onto the liquid for the wipe and again we wanted to ensure it had little or no impact on the environment so we identified a liquid that was water based and had no Parabens or any palm oils. The liquid we selected ticked all those boxes and uses a antibacterial liquid with a lemon scent and a Aloe moisturizer that leave the skin feeling soft , clean and fresh.

Finally we selected a Poly material for the packaging which is recyclable ensuring that we maintained the leave no trace ethos through every single aspect of the products production and use.”

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