Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser Plus – 100ml


Anyone who’s been to a festival know’s that the hand sanitiser in the toilets runs out within minutes so you will 100% need one of these hand sanitisers if you want to keep your hands germ free !

The Nilaqua hand sanitisers are alcohol free , killing germs whilst being kind and gentle to the skin ,BS EN1500 approved , non irritating to the skin and allergen free, Vegan Friendly , Paraben Free

Remains effective up to 6 hours with advanced barrier control , kills harmful bacteria such as E coli , C-Diff , Salmonella , MRSA , Legionella, Listeria , Noravirus , NDM1 Viruses and Fungi

Maximum purchase of 5 bottles per order , if you order over this your order will be cancelled and refunded 

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